An Update On Our Journey And Thank You To Our Heroes

This was a tough weekend but in the midst of it we have a lot of gratitude and optimism.

We’ve had four very motivated and committed donors go through the full testing process at UCLA. Our fourth potential donor was eliminated on Friday due to a medical issue. (It’s not too serious of an issue – one that can be remedied with time and attention).

The optimism comes from the fact that our fifth potential donor is ready to go and will move forward on the testing process over the next few weeks.

The gratitude comes from our four donor heroes and their families who were 100% committed to doing everything they could to give our family the gift of life. Of course, we consider these people to be just as much heroes as the individual who will eventually be cleared to donate a kidney to me (hopefully in February, 2019). I think each of them was more disappointed than I was – because they had committed their heart, body and soul to the process of giving of themselves to help our family and were each ruled out as candidates for factors beyond their control. I am eternally grateful to my brother Loren Kaiser, my only first cousin Che Rodriguez, my wife of ten years Kristie Kaiser and my good friend and paddleboarding partner John Zahn.

Kristie, Curtis, Che and Loren

Kristie, Curtis, Che and Loren

Kristie, Curtis and John

Kristie, Curtis and John

I hope that the experience of these donors provides some comfort to our other potential donors who should know that the health issues that ruled out our four heroes were all previously unknown issues to each of them. I’m glad that these health issues were brought to our heroes’ attention so that they can address them for the sake of their own good health and longevity.

Future potential donors can look to the experience of our four heroes and be assured that the transplant center’s paramount concern is the health of the potential donor – and they won’t risk that potential donor’s health no matter how anxious I am to get the surgery done.

Thank you for all of your support. We hope that the next update in January is a big thumbs up!

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