Meeting Potential Donor Heroes in San Diego – Kevin

Kevin is representative of our amazing backup donors.

A friend of mine, Alan Prohaska, went to business school with Curtis at UCLA.  He mentioned Curtis’ need at a men’s bible study program that we are both involved in and asked that we pray for Curtis and his family + spread the word. When I heard the story, I felt a calling like this was something I was going to do.  I went home and got on the website and said “yeah, absolutely.”

I’m Christian and I’m a believer.  I absolutely believe it was God just talking to me.  A lot of times, I don’t listen but don’t know for whatever reason…I sort of let it rest for a day and let it simmer and said, “I don’t know what I’m feeling.”  The next day, I woke up and talked to my wife about it and she said, “just go with it.” My wife could just tell that this is something I felt strongly about and said “wow, I’ve never seen you like this.  Just go with it.”

This happened about two months ago. I did a ton of research the first few days. I have three kids – 6, 3 ½ and 18 months.  Two boys and a baby girl.  The two boys are boys’ boys.  I just wanted to make sure that I could be a Dad after the surgery.  My boys are really physical, and we like to wrestle and throw each other around a lot.  Through all of my research, I learned that yes, kidney donation does have an impact on your future lifestyle, but the impact is pretty minimal compared to what you can do for someone.

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