Meeting Potential Donor Heroes in San Diego – Tarina

Tarina is representative of our amazing backup donors.

Tarina is an animal lover (specifically dogs) and was connected with our story on social media.  The funny part of the story is that Tarina was especially emotionally grabbed by the part of the video when she saw our family playing with our beautiful golden retriever.  When she told me that, I had to tell her: “that’s not our dog!  The filmmaker Ezra said that the only time he could come over to shoot was a Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. and he would have to bring his dog Scout – was that o.k.?  We told him sure, the kids will love it.”  Turns out Scout gets an assist in the Curtis Can, His Kidneys Can’t campaign!

Tarina lost her Mom to lung cancer a few years ago and thinks often about whether she could still be with us if there is anything anyone could have done for her and that she saw this as a chance for her to contribute to the betterment of someone’s life and the life of those around them.  She reviewed all of the information on the website, spoke to her personal doctors about it and felt that the pros outweighed the cons.  She saw the support system I have around me and felt that a kidney donation to me wouldn’t be wasted/lost/taken for granted.  She described it as a “no brainer”.

I asked if she was surprised to find herself here doing extensive testing for donation.  She said not surprised, more pleased.   She’s proud of the opportunities that it presents for her to help.  She would have done it sooner if she would have known about it sooner.

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