Slower Than You Might Think, Definitely Moving In The Right Direction – The Donation Process And The Time It Takes

We’ve had a lot of questions about the donation process and the time it takes.  The process is slower than you might think, or we would like, so we wanted to fill in our community as well as potential donors.

Depending on the availability of the donor, the process from initial crossmatch testing to approving a donor could take anywhere from 3 weeks to a couple of months.  If a donor is contacted by UCLA, they will go up to the lab for an initial blood draw to do crossmatching to determine how well of a match they are with the recipient.  UCLA will only conduct crossmatch testing on 3 possible donors at a time and only ONE will move on to a more comprehensive workup at any given time. The next step after crossmatching is a 24-hour urine collection and to return to UCLA for additional blood tests.  Once screened, the potential donor is set up for one all day appointment at UCLA. During this appointment, the potential donor will attend a short seminar on donation, have a few other tests done, and have meetings with a nephrologist and social worker.  Following that, the potential donor will have a final appointment with a surgeon who will go over the results from the full day visit.  The final step is the committee, consisting of coordinator, social work, nephrologist and surgeon, all meeting to discuss the case.  These meetings only happen on Mondays.

So, as you can see… this can be a very long process! From the first screening till determining Kristie Kaiser was disqualified, it took about three weeks.

We want to thank people for cheering us on; but also want to realistic about how long the process takes.

Since the end of July, only 5 people have entered the queue, only 3 proceeded and they were medically disqualified.  We currently have 3 in the system.  2 potential donors did the initial crossmatch on Sunday.  1 donor did the initial crossmatch a few weeks ago and is doing the full work up next week.

With prospective donors, we are working to pre-screen them and help facilitate some simple local testing at no cost to the potential donor before passing them on to UCLA.  Please hang in there and be patient with us as we work to speed up this process.  We are definitely moving in the right direction!

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